AirportWatch Europe

AirportWatch Europe is a network of aviation and airport activists from across Europe concerned about the expansion of aviation.  

We include campaigners fighting expansion at many airports in Europe.  We are not opposed to flying but we want to see a more sensible approach to aviation that takes full account of the interests of communities under the flight paths and of the planet.

We want to see:

  • a reduction in overall flight numbers at Europe’s busiest airports
  • an end to night flights
  • fair flight paths for all communities
  • an end to the subsidies the aviation industry receives such as tax-free fuel
  • investment in a fast, affordable rail system which can be an alternative to many short-distance flights

Our activities:

We link up with airport campaign groups across Europe

We produce a regular Newsletter

We work with other lobby groups such as Taming Aviation –, UECNA – and Transport and Environment (T &E) –

On our website you will find:

  • the latest aviation news
  • details of past and future events
  • key reports
  • useful briefing sheets
  • links to other organisations



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