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Vienna Court Rules Against 3rd Runway

A court in Vienna has ruled against the proposed 3rd runway in Vienna on climate grounds.  The airport may appeal to a higher court but it is regarded as a big setback for the airport which has spent many years trying to get permission to build a new runway.

Read about the decision:

Heathrow Third Runway Given Green Light

In Autumn 2016 the Government gave a ‘green light ‘ to a 3rd runway at Heathrow.  That doesn’t mean to say it will be built.  There will be a consultation on the proposals in 2017.  Parliament will vote on the proposal at the end of 2017 or in early 2018.

Then Heathrow Airport must consult on detailed proposals for a third runway before they go before a planning inquiry.  Heathrow does not expect to get final permission for a third runway until 2020 or 2021.  It will not open before 2024 or 2025.

There is still a lot of opposition to a third runway.  The proposal will face legal challenges in the courts.  It will face a lot of opposition from local residents.  And it will  face serious direct action.

Notre-Dames-des-Landes gets ready for the Police

The fight against building a new 2 runway airport at Notre-Dames-des-Landes outside Nantes has become the biggest environmental protest in France with huge demonstrations having taken place over the years – see photo below.  But the Police and the army may be moving in shortly to try to move the campaigners and the farmers off the land.  They can expect fierce resistance.

Nantes crowds

3rd runway at Heathrow gets green light

On 25th October the UK Government gave the green light to a 3rd runway at Heathrow.  But this does not mean it will be built.  The opposition remains huge:  local communities, local authorities, many MPS including some cabinet ministers and environmentalists across the country.  Local authorities are planning legal action and a number of environmentalists are planning direct action.  It will be 2020 at the earliest before it receives planning permission. And it is not expected to open before 2024.  It is still doubtful if it can overcome the many hurdles that are in its way.Heathrow 13 on the Advan

Nantes vote goes in favour of new airport

On June 26th the people in the region in and around Nantes voted by 55% to 45% to support plans to build the controversial new, two runway airport at Notre-Dames-des-Landes and to close down the existing one runway airport in Nantes.

The vote is a disappointment to the campaigners who have fought for many years against the new airport.  They argue it is both destructive and unnecessary.

But the vote is not binding on the French Government.  Indeed, the Government will struggle to build it given the scale of oposition there is to it across France.

The campaign to stop it continues.  There will be a huge protest held over the weekend of 9th and 10th July:

Brexit: Heathrow 3rd Runway decision postponed

The result of the UK Referendum to leave the EU has meant that the decision about where to build a new runway will now not be taken until the autumn.  

If the UK had voted to remain in the UK, it was expected that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, would have given the green light for a 3rd runway in early July.

But the Brexit vote and the decision of David Cameron to resign means that it will be the next Prime Minister who will take the decision about whether to give the go-ahead to a third runway at Heathrow or a second runway at Gatwick.

26th June: Referendum on Notre-Dames-des-Landes Airport

French President Francois Hollande has announced that he will hold a referendum on the controversial plan to build a new airport at Notre-Dames-des-Landes outside Nantes.

It will take place on 26th June. However, local campaigners have criticised the referendum because only people living in the Loire-Atlantique area will be allowed to take part. The campaigners argue that because the airport is a national project many more people should be allowed to take part. Campaigners also want the referendum to include a question on whether the existing airport in Nantes, Nantes Atlantique, should be modernised instead of building the new airport at Notre-Dames-des-Landes.

However, if people vote ‘non’, the French Government will be under a lot of pressure to abandon the project.

The annual protest weekend against the Notre-Dames-des-Landes Airport will take place on 9th and 10th July. More details at: For the past two years AirportWatch Europe has had a stall at the event. If you are coming to the event, let us know and we can meet up.