AirportWatch Europe launched

August 2014

AirportWatch Europe has been launched.  It is a network which brings together aviation and airport campaigners from across Europe.  It is not a new organisation.  It is a grassroots network.  It will produce a quarterly newsletter.  It will also report on key events.  And this website will be a chance for campaigners to tell us about their activities.

Across Europe there are a record number of grassroots campaigns challenging the onward expansion of the aviation industry.  And in recent years they have had success in stopping some of aviation’s big projects such as a third runway at Heathrow and a third runway at Munich.

But we believe the aviation industry is still out-of-control and we will be campaigning for governments across Europe to bring it under control.  For example, it pays no tax on its fuel.  Europe is losing billions of euros each year because of this.

Aviation is also one of the fastest growing sources of CO2 emissions which cause climate change.  And aircraft noise remains a serious problem at many airports.  Night flights can be a particular problem to residents.

We do not believe that the new technology which will make planes less noisy and less polluting will be enough in themselves.  As a network we will campaign for real action to control the aviation industry.


Campaigning Across National Boundaries 2014

In 2014 aviation and airport activists across Europe continued to network with each other.  Here are some of the events which have taken place:

Frankfurt Terminal Occupation:  In April 2014 campaigners from Britain and the Netherlands joined Frankfurt activists on the 100 the occasion they had occupied the terminal in their protest against the 4th runway.

Frankfurt UK banner

  Nantes Protest Weekend:  In July 2014 activists from Belgium, Germany and Britain supported the French campaigners against the proposed new airport at Notre-Dames-des-Landes outside Nantes.

AirportWatch Europe in Nantes 2





Campaigning Across National Boundaries 2013

Over the last few years there has been a lot of communication between aviation activists across Europe. Here are just some of the activities which took place.

Munich Conference:  In June 2013 over 200 activists attended a European Conference held near Munich


Nantes Protest Weekend:  In August 2013, German and British activists joined French activists campaigning against the proposed new airport new Nantes

Nantes the crowds in Nantes


European Day of Action against Night Flights:  This took place in November 2013

DSCF7780All the flags and mugs