News Stories December 2014

Silent Night 1

The carol Silent Night sung (beautifully) by a Frankfurt Airport protestor using his own words: Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht, de luchtvaartlobby is ook hier aan de macht

Silent Night 2

‘Silent Night – No Way’ the Xmas card sent by Frankfurt Airport protesters to leading German politicians –

Silent Night 3

Silent night? Not much chance in Europe where official report estimates 20 million are affected by constant noise

 European Union Wastes Money 1

The EU gave Poland 100 millions euros to develop airports that have become “ghosts” due to lack of demand via

European Union Wastes Money 2

How €93 million of EU money prevents Polish trains being used EU-wide – really absurd. My blog entry explains:

Night Trains in Europe under Threat

Many of the night trains in Europe are under threat because of the competition from cheap flights and due to the hight access charges the EU is imposing on the rail companies

Petition to save the night trains in Europe:

Campaign group Robin Wood stage demo to mark last Paris-Berlin night train as part of campaign to keep night trains.

Frankfurt Airport tries to cut noise 1

Frankfurt is landing planes more steeply – at 3.2 degrees – to try to cut noise and pacify protesters

Frankfurt Airport tries to cut noise 2

Lufthanza admits it’s the protests at Frankfurt that is forcing them to introduce quieter planes. via

Important ruling by German Court

The German Federal Court has ruled facilities at Cologne-Bonn Airport built without a proper EIA may not be used:

Nantes campaigners will not give up

Nantes protesters call Prime Minister’s statement that work on new airport could start in 2015 ‘a declaration of war’

Munich: flight numbers don’t justify 3rd runway

There is no demand for a new runway in Munich. The actual flight numbers way behind projected numbers.