Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement Launched

 The Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM), of which AirportWatch Europe is a founding member, has been launched.  

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What is an Aerotropolis and why must these developments be stopped: GAAM-What’s an aerotropolis

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Press Release


 Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement Launched

Campaigners fromacross the globe have come together to fight so-called ‘airport city’ or ‘aerotropolis’ schemes, which have been spreading rapidly worldwidein recent years(1).  Environmental and climate justice campaigners, aviation and tourism critics, human rights activists, and other concerned citizens and groups have formed the Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM) to raise public awareness and take action on socially and ecologically harmful mega-airport development projects.

An aerotropolis is an airport-centric development, whereby a new or existing airport is surrounded by urbanisation including luxury hotels; shopping and entertainment facilities; convention, trade and exhibition complexes; golf courses and sport stadiums; and industrial parks.  Governments advocate aerotropolis projects as a way of stimulating the economy but critics argue they create environmental, social and economic problems.

Anita Pleumarom, one of the founders of GAAM, said, “These massive airport ‘development’ packages can cause havoc particularly in developing countries with weak democratic structures and law enforcement.  They often involve forceful evictions and dispossession of the people’s access to land, water and other resources. Therefore, it is not surprising that resistance against such projects has been growing worldwide.

GAAM aims to support local struggles and strengthen the international ‘campaign community’ against harmful aerotropolis projects.” Organizations and individuals who share GAAM’s concerns are invited to sign up as supporters.



(1) GAAM founders:

AirportWatch, U.K.,

AirportWatch Europe,

Rose Bridger, author of the book ‘Plane Truth’,

Pastoralists Indigenous NGO’s FORUM, Tanzania,

Third World Network,

Tourism Investigation & Monitoring Team, Thailand,

Tourism Advocacy & Action Forum (TAAF)



For more information and/or for sign up as supporters, contact:

Rose Bridger,,

Anita Pleumarom,

John Stewart, AirportWatchEurope,


Hong Kong Government backs 3rd Runway

Last week the Hong Kong Government gave the green light to a 3rd runway.  It is a very controversial decision.  200,000 people would be under its flight path, experiencing noise for the first time.  It would endanger Hong Kong’s famous white dolphins.  There would be problems with the surrounding airspace.  Campaigners argue that the new runway is not needed as there is already a lot of spare capacity at the existing runways and at nearby airports.   So, although the green light has been given, it is far from certain whether the new runway will ever be built.

An interesting discussion on whether Hong Kong needs the 3rd runway: