International Noise Awareness Day: UK activities in solidarity with German events

UK campaigners have staged events in solidarity with campaigners in Germany who will be holding a day of action in Berlin on 29th April, International Noise Awareness Day.

International Noise Awareness Day photo


Campaigners from the UK Noise Association, AirportWatch, HACAN (the Heathrow campaign) and Pipedown, which lobbies on piped music, launched the six key things they want on noise from the next Government.  The UK has a General Election in early May.

The demands:  International Noise Awareness Day demands



International Noise Awareness Day, April 29th: Major events in Berlin

Air, road and rail noise campaigners will come together to stage a series of events in Berlin on April 29th, International Noise Awareness Day:  2015_04_29_Sternfahrt

They have been sent a message of support by Dr Arline Bronzaft, one of the founders of  International Noise Awareness Day 20 years ago, and a leading authority on noise in America: