UK campaigners propose new aviation tax that is fair and green

You might be interested in a new tax which has been launched by aviation campaigners in the UK.  It is called the Frequent Flyers Levy.  The idea is that everybody in the country is entitled to 1 tax-free return flight a year (if they want to take it).  Then the tax rises with every additional flight they take, from about £20 on a 2nd flight to about £400 on a 9th flight.  We think it is both green and fair.  In Britain only 15% of all passengers take 70% of the flights.  If it were to be imposed, it would cut the growth in flying while allowing ordinary families the chance to fly off on holiday each year if they wanted to.

You can read more about it in this article in the Observer (a major Sunday newspaper in the UK): 

The proposal is supported not only by residents groups and environmental organizations but also by some trade unions and by the Tax Justice Network.  You can read the joint letter we wrote to the newspaper here: 

If you want more information about the proposal you can read this short briefing Frequent Flyers Levy Briefing  or go here

The research on which the proposal has been based can be found: FFL FINAL DRAFT in template_updated  (from The New Economics Foundation) and Proposal for a Frequent Flyer Levy unformatted_June 5th, a report which shows how it can work in practice.