Latest News: October 2015

Monday 28th September: campaigners occupy Frankfurt terminal for 150th time in protest against the impact of the 4th runway

Frankfurt: Noise demonstration blasts 80 dB recorded plane noise outside home of Frankfurt airport chief executive for 2 hours

Frankfurt: Protest against proposed 3rd terminal at Frankfurt  

Munich: Bavarian politicians moving away from support for a 3rd runway at Munich Airport as protesters meet the Prime Minister 

Berlin: Berlin’s long-delayed Brandenburg airport has another setback after structural flaws were found in the terminal roof – ceiling is too heavy.

Climate Change:  Air travel soars (4.1%) BUT fuel efficiency gain is only 1%. Read more and seee chart: 

Subsidies: France is gifting €1bn a year in aviation subsidies – study

Flight paths:  At O’Hare Airport in Chicago noise complaints top 2 million so far in 2015, 8 times as many as 2014, due to changed flightpaths