An exciting new idea to curb air travel….fairly

A Frequent Flyers Levy:  This is an exciting new idea devised by a young British activist, Leo Murray.  

At the moment airline fuel is tax-free and there is no tax on tickets or the purchase of new planes.  This is a key reason why that airlines are able to offer cheap fares.  The cheap fares clearly encourage more air travel.  That is bad for residents and bad for the planet.

The idea of a Frequent Flyers Levy is that it would allow everybody 1 tax-free return flight a year.  But the tax would increase with each subsequent flight a person took.

This would be fair because most people in Europe take zero or just one return flight each year.  It is only a small proportion of wealthier people who fly more.  In the UK, for example, just 15% of people take 70% of the flights.  It is only fair they should pay more tax.

The Levy would cut demand but in a fair way.  And it would be could for the economy as countries would be able to collect tax from airlines that they don’t at present.

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Decision on Heathrow 3rd Runway postponed until 2016

The UK Government had been expected to make a decision in December 2015 about whether or not to give the go-ahead for a 3rd runway at Heathrow.  But it has postponed that decision until at least the middle of 2016.  There is a lot of opposition to the 3rd runway within the ruling Conservative Party.  And, of course, there continues to be massive opposition from local residents and environmentalists – for details 

The opposition defeated the proposal for a 3rd runway 10 years ago.  And the opposition is still there.  Last last year direct action activists from Plane Stupid occupied the runway at Heathrow.  And residents’ protests continue with rallies and demonstrations.