What we are campaigning for

We are not opposed to flying.  The aviation industry has brought important benefits  http://www.airportwatcheurope.com/?cat=7 and will continue to do so but we think the aviation industry needs to be brought under more control.

  • Planes continue to cause noise problems for millions of people across Europe.
  • Aviation is one of the fastest-growing causes of climate change

We welcome the fact that there are those in the industry who are doing a lot of thinking about how the industry can growth in a responsible way: http://www.airportwatcheurope.com/?p=415  

We support the campaign by Taming Aviation for an end to the subsidies aviation enjoys.  At present it pays no tax on its fuel and there is no VAT on tickets.

We support the campaigns for an end to night flights at all airports where they are a problem

We support the campaigners fighting new airports and new runways

We support campaigners battling against more and more flights using their airports

We support calls for a reduction in flight numbers at some of the worst-affected airports

We support fair flight paths for everybody

We support investment in fast, affordable railways so they provide a realistic alternative for short-distance flights.




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