Fair Flight Paths

Flight Paths across Europe are changing

SESAR is the Name.  It is not the name of a new airline or even an obscure airport that Ryanair has started to use!   It is about changes to airspace and flight paths.  SESAR, the Single European Sky Agreement, aims to create much more coordination between the air traffic control systems of individual European countries in order to increase efficiency and allow the airlines to save fuel and cut CO2 emissions.  It means that over the next few years all European countries might alter the flight paths to many of their airports.

In order to improve efficiency, air traffic control may be tempted to concentrate flight paths into narrow bands so that all the planes go over a few communities.  That would create noise ghettos.  They now have the technology to do this.  Computer technology such as PR-NAV allows aircraft to be guided much more precisely.  It would enable Heathrow planes, for example, to be lined up in the North Sea and fly in two straight, concentrated lines to the airport.  That would make life unbearable for the people under these flight paths.  This is what has happened at many American airports.  It has brought misery to many communities and has resulted in record complaints and a number of legal challenges.

We support a fair distribution of flight paths

  • Check out our briefing paper: How to create fair flights paths at http://www.airportwatcheurope.com/?page_id=400
  • If you want to be able to track the flight paths in your area, look at www.dfld.de.  It is run by the wonderful campaigner Horst Weise.  Contact Horst on how you can use the system at your airport.  You can email Horst on mail@DFLD.de 

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