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This page has details of some key reports and briefings on:

  • Taxes and Economics
  • Noise
  • Night Flights and Sleep
  • Climate Change
  • Alternatives to Flying

Some of these topics are also covered at ; the briefing sheets on campaigning

The quarterly newsletters are at


Does Aviation Pay its Way?

A 2 page briefing from  T&E (Transport & Environment) which shows that European governments are losing almost 40 billion euros a year because of the tax subsidies to aviation    ”Briefing: Does Aviation Pay its Way?”

 A link to the full report:  CE Delft (July 2013) CE_Delft_7B52_Estimated_revenues_of_VAT_and_fuel_tax_on_aviation_def.pdf


Airport Jobs: false hopes, cruel hoax March 2009,

A study which shows how the aviation industry exaggerates the number of jobs it creates “Airport Jobs: false hopes, cruel hoax” 


State Aid for Airports and Airlines (2013)

 A report from T & E outlining the state aid the aviation industry receives  State aid for airports & airlines



Noise Briefing

A first-rate briefing on noise from T & E:


Why Noise Matters (2011)

A book which looks at noise problems and solutions worldwide


Ranch Study (2005)

A study into aircraft and road traffic noise and their impact on children’s learning and health



Night noise guidelines for Europe  (2009)

Key study from the World Health Organisation Link:   English – Night noise guidelines for Europe Night Time Noise Guidelines for EuropeWHO press release.


Title:   HYENA (Hypertension and Exposure to Noise near Airports) Study (2008)

Major study of the impact of night flights on people living around European airports:  HYENA (HYpertension and Exposure to Noise near Airports study.pdf 


Aircraft Noise damages the heart and circulation (2014). New German Study:


Impact of living under the Heathrow flight paths (2013)

Research shows people under Heathrow’s flight paths are 20% more likely to die of a stress-related disease. Research on Heathrow Airport noise from BMJ Oct 2013  and



Climate Change Briefing (2008)

This is produced by AirportWatch in the UK but is a short briefing that will be useful to all European countries


The urgency of concerted global action to tackle emissions from international climate change (2013)

New research by the Manchester Metropolitan University highlights both the urgent need for global action to address international aviation emissions.  It also shows that the measures being promoted by the aviatuion industry and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) are inadequate.

Download T&E’s briefing paper on the study:  Briefing: The urgency of concerted global action to tackle international aviation emissions


 Dying on a Jet Plane (2007)

Published by the UK pressure group, the World Development Movement.  It shows the impact on the poor world of flying.  And points out that the vast majority of flying is done by people in the rich world.



Travelling Light 2008

A report into the potential of video-conferencing as an alternative for many air journeys: Travelling Light 

Rail Alternatives

High-speed rail is not problem-free but fast, affordable trains can provide an alternative to short-distance flights 




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